Sunday Journal: Kentucky Moments and Best Gift

watching the parade from home

watching the parade from home

Kentucky’s Gubernatorial Inauguration was this week. We watched a program on state history and then viewed the parade on live television. In general politics does not interest me. This week’s event interested me for two reasons: our Lieutenant Governor is Jenean Hampton an African-American woman (a first for this state) and our governor is a homeschooler. While we watched the parade and listened to the speeches we discussed the significance of the events.

Oldest at Rupp Arena

Oldest at Rupp Arena

My husband was given a couple of tickets to go to the UK-EKU game at Rupp Arena. In case you do not know, basketball is THE SPORT in Kentucky and Rupp Arena is holy ground. Oldest went with my husband and had a marvelous time. They were high up in the stands and couldn’t see much. I’m not sure that mattered much to Oldest, he was at Rupp. Awesome-sauce for him and I’m glad it wasn’t me!

all dressed up for an evening out

all dressed up for an evening out

This weekend my husband and I attended his workplace’s Christmas party. The party was at a casino about an hour or so north. I had never been to a casino before so everything was new and fun to me! The dinner was fantastic. The crème brulee and cookies also fantastic! I enjoyed meeting several of my husband’s co-workers and their spouses. We walked around the casino and I won a few bucks on the slot machine! The night was fabulous

Littlest refused to let go

Littlest refused to let go

and to top it all off…it was also my birthday. The best gift of the evening was the gift of time. Our friend stayed the night with the kids and spoiled them silly. Without her we could not have enjoyed that time together. This was the first time in eleven years of marriage we have ever spent the night away from our children. The kids had so much fun I think they were a little disappointed to see us! Littlest begged her not to leave.

Thank you for the gift of yourself Lady C!

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Journal: Kentucky Moments and Best Gift

  1. You look so pretty and make such a cute couple! I miss having our children around us during the Christmas Season so I’m quite envious. It’s amazing what we learn about our friends when they post! So you have a gambling addiction now??? 🙂 Well, hubby and I were powerful players of the penny blackjack machines in Vegas, playing up to five cents per game. Five dollars will keep us going all night with a couple of bucks to spare. Keeps the mind active so I pass it off as health therapy, 🙂 . . .

    We’ve known each other for three years now and I am so thankful to God that he brought us together as friends. I wish you the most Joyous of Christmas Seasons and God continues to bless you greatly this upcoming year,

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