Sunday Journal: Reckonings and Reunions

first school week of 2016

first school week of 2016

Our first week back to the school routine turned out to be wonderful. Sitting down with the attendance report…not so wonderful. We lost plenty of “official school days” due to the move. I’d like to add that meeting with realtors, inspectors, builders and movers should count as learning. Not exactly field trips but maybe as life skills? Visiting all of the towns we considered living in ought to count as field trips. Maybe I could



list all of that moving craziness as unschooling…the attendance log doesn’t look so bad with that thought. After crunching the numbers we will have to add some schoolwork to our weekends for a few months. The reality didn’t turn out as bad as I had expected so that is a win!

Today our area had its first snow of the season. We didn’t get enough snow the turn the lawns white. The bad part was the patchy ice underneath the snow. We were going to go to church this morning but by the time we were able to thaw the vehicle doors enough to get them upon it was already too late to go. We also had company coming over so we got our home ready for

Middle Boy and Boots

Middle Boy and Boots

company. We hadn’t seen our friends in eightish years or so. Today was a nice day of catching up with old friends and freaking out over how much their children had grown. I totally forgot to take pictures.

We signed up for classes with a local co-op this week. The kids are really excited and I signed them up mostly because they

Batman out and about

Batman out and about

would like to meet other kids. I’m hoping the experience ends up being a good one and not something we can’t wait until it is over. Groups make me nervous because I never really feel like I fit in with the rest of humanity. So, this experience will be outside my comfort but also another opportunity for me to embrace my word for the year…brave. No sense choosing a word and then ignoring it. Well then, Tally-ho!

For the most part we enjoyed a nice peaceful week…at home anyway. I did manage to tick-off a couple of folks on social media. That happens sometimes. I understand that we all have different views when it comes to religion and spirituality. At the moment I find comparative religious studies fascinating. Discussion, communication and sharing of wisdom are all wonderful and I welcome it. Commentary in the nature of rationalized hate showing a lack of compassion and vitriol will simply be ignored.

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11 thoughts on “Sunday Journal: Reckonings and Reunions

  1. “Groups make me nervous because I never really feel like I fit in with the rest of humanity.” <— this is SO me! I fake it pretty well usually, but I am SO awkward on the inside, lol! I hope you find some great friends for yourself as the kiddos do too! We will be waiting to join up until next fall since it will be a drive for us and I am not ready to be consistent with it yet 😉 Thanks so much for linking up this week!

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  2. Glad you’re settling in! The last time we moved it was just my husband, one cat, and me. Now with a child and all the extra stuff… I can’t even imagine!

    I feel exactly the same way with new homeschool groups – when we do outings it’s more for my daughter than for myself. But it can be a good thing to push outside of our comfort zone – and you may just find a kindred spirit at the co-op!

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  3. So glad I don’t have to fill out an attendance report! I say count it all! And I feel the same way in groups, like I never quite fit in or belong. Glad you found a co-op to try, though. Hope it turns out to be a positive experience.

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