Sunday Journal: Quiet Week



For the most part we enjoyed a quiet and productive week. Snow fell a couple of days bringing excitement but melted away too soon for play. Still it was soothing to look out the window and watch the snow fall sipping my warm tea. Our week zipped by putting in six days of schooling followed Sunday services on our only non-school day. Tomorrow will be here too soon.

school room upgrade

school room upgrade

Tonight my husband is working in our school room. He is installing cabinets along the back wall. We’ll have some nice lovely built-in cabinets and shelves once he finishes in a few weeks. Littlest is hanging out and talking with his Daddy and helping out as best he can. He’s also decided that his reward for working so hard is to snuggle in bed with us tonight. We may not be very well rested in the morning. I’m not going to complain since those nights when little ones come to snuggle are numbered.

Middle Boy teaching Littlest about tetrominoes

Middle Boy teaching Littlest about tetrominoes

Our second full week of our new schedule is still working beautifully. Our day just flows so nicely now. The math hour is my favorite of the day because I do spend some one-on-one time with each kiddo. Everyone has their own math curriculum and so far I’ve even been able to keep everyone’s work graded during the hour! I think it is helping them to learn the concepts better since we are able to catch the mistakes right away. The kids favorite part of the new schedule is the morning read aloud time. They love just cuddling

Littlest on his night out with Daddy

Littlest on his night out with Daddy

up and listening to books before diving into their work. We finished up a simple biography of Shakespeare this week. Tomorrow we will begin a new book about a time traveler that meets and works with Shakespeare. Should be fun and then they’ll be excited to tackle a play. We’ve already added his sonnets to our poetry tea’s and studied some original words and phrases.

Hopefully this coming week will be just as cozy and productive.

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