Sunday Journal: Snowy Days

our weekly poetry tea time

our weekly poetry tea time

We were blessed with another quiet week…mostly. The entire state of Kentucky is still wrapped in a blanket of snow. Our area only received a few inches. The area where my mother lives ended up with freezing rain and ice under all their snow. When I spoke to her today she said the entire area was still shut down. Thankfully she still has power so I know she is warm. I did end up cutting our afternoon studies a couple of days so the kids could play in the snow and sled in one of the vacant lots nearby.

20160123_074345 (480x640)This morning the snow was gorgeous…covering the ground like diamond powder, blinding and multi-colored, glistening in the dawn. I stepped out onto our front porch and watched the morning arrive absolutely transfixed by the beauty. My soul was so moved that I wept.

The arthritis aching in my joints returned me to the distracted here-and-now. Winter hurts.

Sparkles in the snow

Sparkles in the snow

The snow cancelled our first homeschool co-op meeting. The kids were bummed but I have to admit to being somewhat relieved. I am sure it will be a great experience in the end but for now it is hard to be the newbie in a set group of people who already know each other.

homemade bacon

homemade bacon

My amazing husband made homemade bacon this week!!! Yummy!!! It cured in the refrigerator this week and finally it went into the smoker today. A few hours later we fried some up and feasted on fresh bacon…way better than store bought!

Littlest all loud and crazy!

Littlest all loud and crazy!

This week Josh from Beautiful Feet Books asked me to work with him at the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention again this year. I am so excited to work with the Berg family again. I enjoyed meeting and talking with so many homeschooling families last year at the convention. Crazy busy but such a moving experience for me. I also registered for the Brave Writer Retreat in July. This is a really nice luxury for me and I am glad my husband encouraged me to go. I am sooo looking forward to meeting my fellow BraveSchoolers!

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Journal: Snowy Days

  1. You will have lots of bacon, so awesome!! Love all the pics of your crew!! Yay for going to the retreat, only wish I was joining you. It will be a much needed wonderful amazing time!! Love you beautiful friend!!!

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