Sunday Journal: Lovely Week

poetry tea and breakfast

poetry tea and breakfast

We kept busy with our schooling this week. The kids finished the online class through Brave Writer. I was so pleased that I posted their stories. The kids are fairly proud of their work too. They enjoyed their time at co-op this week and I started getting to know a few people. Unlike last week I managed to keep the anxiety at bay. For the most part the week was nice and quiet.

I didn’t want another high drama week like before so I made an effort to take care of myself. I exercised every morning and spent some time to myself every afternoon. Those two small changes made all the difference for me.

loving his math

loving his math

Littlest received his first math curriculum in the mail this week. He is super excited. Oldest got his pre-algebra curriculum in the same shipment. He isn’t as excited.

This weekend we travelled to some nearby towns and found a nice Amish run discount grocery store. I enjoyed the travelling. I miss the times when we used to hop in the car and just go for a drive.

It is late. I’m tired.

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