Today Littlest was kicked out of his homeschool co-op class. When I asked what horrid thing he had done, I was told that he wouldn’t sit still for two hours.

What?! A five year old won’t sit still for two hours? What fresh hell did I sign my kid up for?!


I cannot sit still for two hours! Why would I expect my five year old to sit still for so long?

This is a homeschool co-op.  I expected to be with people who understood children and their needs not the crazy draconian expectations of the public school system!

I am so disappointed.  And mad.  But mostly so very sad…

Really, really sad.


15 thoughts on “WTF

  1. Wow… so they have, um, rather lofty goals for 5 year olds in terms of stillness. Even I, with my special time with the little ones on practicing to be “quiet and still” with various methods, I consider it to be an utterly golden success if they manage 15-30 minutes!

    So sorry that this happened. =(

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  2. I have never been involved in a co-option but I know my kids could barely sit through an hour at church. I lead a 5-year old group at our church and we were lucky to keep their attention for 10 minutes in circle time. Sorry this happened. Hope they will be able to see things should be adjusted. Blessings!

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  3. Audria, I have never heard of anything like that! It truly does sound like that co-op has decided to run itself like a public school. Kicked out? Do you mean, like, for good? What kind of homeschool anything kicks a kid out for any amount of time?! Sounds like you’re better off without them. Wow. I am just floored. And so sorry you’re going through this. How are Littlest’s feelings?

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    1. He was disappointed. They were using Five In A Row and he loved the stories and activities and told me what happened in class. I just wish one of the teachers had told me they had a problem with him. I can’t help what I so not know about. They want him to go to the preschool class


  4. I am so sorry this happened…maybe setting up some “expectations” from the co-op class for all to understand might help? Just a thought from a former homeschooler/public school teacher.
    Hope the little guy got some running in afterwards!

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