Sunday Journal: Outdoor Cathedrals

048 (480x640)Crazy…this week was on the crazy side. The first few days were fine. I wrote up two reviews for the TOS Review Crew which will post over the next couple of days. Our school time is flowing along nicely with our new routine. I even got up early enough every day and put in two to three miles before starting the day.

Then, Tuesday afternoon I received a phone call from our co-op group informing me that Littlest was kicked out of his class. He couldn’t sit still for two hours and refused to conform. Every week I’ve asked his teachers how he was doing and no one expressed their dissatisfaction with

the waterfall

the waterfall

him. So, naturally, I was surprised to get the phone call. Littlest was sad when I told him he could not go back to his class…really sad. I seriously considered just dropping co-op. Oldest doesn’t enjoy it at all and the middle two are content. But I gave my word to assist in the nursery so we will stick it out for the next ten weeks or so. Littlest is going to hang out in the nursery with me for the duration.

However, we didn’t make it to co-op this week. On Wednesday morning I had a dental appointment. I had an atypical yet “normal” reaction to the anesthetic. The medicine caused panic

poetry tea time

poetry tea time

attack like symptoms and an assistant had to help me walk up and down the hall until I could calm down enough for the procedure. Later, the technician who set my fillings accidentally cut my lip with her tooth sanding tool. Fortunately my lip was completely numb. I couldn’t feel the pain (yet) but could see the blood. She was apologizing and trying so hard not to cry. I felt so sad for her that I ended up apologizing to her. Seriously! What is wrong with cute bunny

Polly…my cute bunny

me?! I’m the one with the wound and I am apologizing for it! There may be a part of me that is totally messed up…ya think? I was a bit of a mess by the time we left the dentist and co-op was nearly over by then anyway so we just called it a day. I’ve got one more appointment in March for dental work. My dentist was pretty sure that I would have the same reaction. Oh joy! At least I will be expecting the panic attack this time.

my actual hair color

my actual hair color

Saturday morning I had an appointment at the salon. I decided to quit dying my hair. I’m just done. I didn’t like the line of my copper dyed hair next to the regrowth and just wanted it fixed. I didn’t really care what they did so long as the “line” was gone. I hadn’t really seen my natural hair color since I was sixteen. All I could see when it did grow out a bit was the white in he front. And I do not care anymore…I’m okay with the white hair. Totally at peace. I am in my forties and couldn’t be happier.

My husband and Oldest

My husband and Oldest

The ladies kept me at the salon for three hours. They used their fingers to apply the toners and whatever else they used to return my hair to its natural color. They worked from the bottom of my hair up but without touching the new growth. The lady who took care of me had a student with her so I got to listen in on their apprenticeship relationship. I was fascinated by their beautician conversation and quizzing. At one point there were five women staring at my hair and applauding when the chemical reaction occurred. That was a weird experience for me. The ladies were congratulating me for having wonderfully responsive hair. I’m quite certain that I had no control

I have no idea what is happening here but it cracks me up...

I have no idea what is happening here but it cracks me up…

over my hair’s response at all. I’m currently delighted with my natural hair color and wondering why I have been dying my hair for the past twenty-seven years…

Today turned out to be a nice day. The weather was beautiful, just gorgeous. I could not be motivated to get out of bed and get everyone ready for church. Maybe where we are going is just not the place we belong…I really don’t know. My husband thought we should take advantage of the beautiful weather and go for a hike. So we did. The trail

lovely place

lovely place

was beautiful. Even thought the day was windy I absolutely loved being outside. I enjoyed watching the kids play and explore. I played with bubbles in the stream and felt closer to God outside than I have in any church in a long while. The natural music of the birds, wind, sun and streams was far more lovely to me than any pop-gospel or organ funeral dirge music I’ve heard in churches lately. Maybe, I am turning into one of those nature-hippies…that would be weird.

I don’t really know…

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Journal: Outdoor Cathedrals

  1. How awful that Co-op isn’t working out well for all of you and what a horrible dental experience! At least it sounds like you week turned around. I love being out in nature lately. It is very calming and relaxing to just look around at the wonder that is our world.

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  2. Your hike looks lovely, and your hair does too!
    I’m saddened your co-op didn’t give you any indication ahead of time re your youngest so as to work on a better plan for him to be included according to his needs in the group.
    And oh dear about the dental visit! That sounds awful. I haven’t been in years and get to have fillings re-filled in two weeks…you’re making me nervous.

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