Sunday Journal: Hint of Spring

Littlest at Elkhoen Creek

Littlest at Elkhorn Creek

Our week was pleasant, filled with sunny days and rain. We took nearly every possible opportunity to get outside to enjoy the sunshine and watch the grass turn a bit greener. We noticed the arrival of the robins and daffodils. Spring is just around the bend now. Finally…

Middle Boy's co-op art project

Middle Boy’s co-op art project

One of the mornings was so nice that we went for a walk around the neighborhood (one mile) before starting up our school day. The kids were so better focused for the rest of the morning that I plan for us to start our day with a walk so long as the weather is agreeable. I worried about the delay during our walk but we actually finished up early. I guess they were able to focus longer and we ended up wasting less time adjusting for wiggly bodies. I’ve been getting up every morning and walking two or three miles before getting the kids up. A leisurely extra mile with the kids won’t hurt a bit on nice mornings.

Oldest at Elkhorn Creek

Oldest at Elkhorn Creek

I’ve managed to keep getting up early (most days) for the past couple of months now and walking. My weight hasn’t changed much but I do sleep and feel better.

I went ahead and ordered some of the kids upcoming curriculum for the next academic year. My kids actually asked for poetry curriculum! They want to learn about the different kinds of poetry and famous poets. I didn’t see that coming at all! Who knew? An

morning walk

morning walk

unexpected benefit of poetry tea time…I guess.  After tons of googling and homeschooling blog searches I found this set from Blackbird and Company Educational Press.

The folks from Beautiful Feet Books were kind enough to send me the extra-curricular reading list for our American history studies. I was lucky enough to find many of the books for three dollars or less. After looking over the list I decided to eliminate Oldest’s reading curriculum since he’ll be reading some heavy classics this year like Les Miserables, Last of

first part of  extra-curricular book haul

first part of extra-curricular book haul

the Mohicans, Moby Dick, Tale of Two Cities…etc. I had originally chosen ten books but after flipping through Les Miserables I think it could easily take the place of three novels. It is massive, over one thousand pages!!! Maybe I’ll switch it to the read aloud pile…I dunno yet.

Sparkles and her poor tortured cat

Sparkles and her poor tortured cat

We’re moving into a two-year cycle of American history. The kids are excited. We’ve already started with a study of the America’s before the arrival of Columbus. I’ve picked out a few books from the library for us to read about the Native American cultures. Next, I’ll assign each of the kids to give a report over the tribes that lived near and within Kentucky. This study is also the beginning of our state history study. I could not find any state history that wouldn’t bore us out of our minds so I am creating my own literature approach to Kentucky history. At some point I will add a new menu to my site listing all books and projects for

poetry tea time outside

poetry tea time outside

learning Kentucky history. The study will include literature, map work, natural history, local Native American history, art, projects, field trip ideas, movies, recipes and whatever else I come up with. I have the first part of this written up but due to my work load from the Review Crew I will not get it on the blog this month.

This was another week spent in research. But other than our Kentucky history homemade curriculum I have everything planned out now. I am glad the first part of planning is done since the rest of the month is going to be so busy. I have three reviews coming up for the TOSReview Crew, the Hymn Fest in Western KY with the kid’s piano instructor and the homeschool convention in Cincinnati. I’m a little tired just thinking about it all.

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11 thoughts on “Sunday Journal: Hint of Spring

  1. What a lovely post! It seems weird to hear you talking about planning for the next year, but then I remember the US finish earlier than the UK. I’m still planning for next term, let alone next year!

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  2. Enjoying your posts! I found you through Beautiful Feet reviews, but realize we’re practically neighbors?! We live in Louisville! Your plans sound lovely and I’d be highly interested in the Kentucky state study you come up with. Your talk of studying the Native Americans of the area reminded me, but if you are ever in far western Kentucky – Ballard County, my hometown, west of Paducah – Wickliffe Mounds is a really interesting place. It’s small, but if you can find out when their next Archaeology Day in conjunction with Murray State is, it is well worth it. My kids had a blast and learned so much! Nice to “meet” you! 🙂

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  3. Looks like you had a beautiful week as well! LOVE seeing that sunshine. I would love to hear what you guys thought of the books you read together. I have not done much reading aloud with my kids this year. I wonder if this book list would be more interesting to them??

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That would be great. I have always done read aloud with my kids but somehow it go lost.. maybe some of your ideas will get it started again..I will watch for it!!

        Liked by 1 person

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