Review: Demme Learning’s Math-U-See


For the past month and a half my oldest has been using Demme Learning’s Math-U-See Pre-Algebra student texts and Digital Packs. I felt fortunate when we received the opportunity for this 20160204_130242 (480x640) (480x640)review since Oldest needed a new math curriculum for his middle and high school years. The two of us began researching various math curriculums together a couple of months ago for his upcoming seventh grade year and Math-U-See was at the top of his list. Now that he is moving into the upper levels of his education I am giving him an opportunity to help choose his own courses.

Math-U-See’s Pre-Algebra is very easy to use and except for a word problem or two has been mostly hands off for me. For the preA-universal_zps7axhc8n4review we received the student text and test book and a full year’s access to the Pre-Algebra Digital Pack. The Digital Pack includes access to the instructional videos, tests and solutions manuals, instructional manual, a digital version of the manipulatives (on Chrome or Safari) and a few other resources. Honestly, I wasn’t too excited about the digital pack…at first. I prefer to hold books in my hands. Digital just doesn’t seem real to me. However, having access to the instructional videos online has been really nice. I am the sort of person who absent mindedly misplaces DVD’s and teacher’s manuals all the time (glasses, Pre-Algebra_zpsko8oc4brphone, car keys too!). The nice thing about the Digital Packs is you just can’t lose them. I suppose, I should have some profound and meaningful reason for why digital is better but I do not. The fact that I cannot lose these resources (for a year) is my favorite feature. The videos and pdf’s also pull up easily on my phone so he doesn’t have to wait for someone to finish up on the computer before working on his math.

20160310_103555 (480x640)We did play around with the digital manipulatives a bit. They work great on the computer but Oldest prefers the physical blocks and decimal inserts when he is working on his math.

On Monday Oldest logs in at the Math-U-See website and clinks on “View Digital Packs”. This brings him to the digital product page and he first selects the level or course title from a drop down box. He then has the option to select the lesson number from another drop down box. Once he chooses the lesson the video is shown as well as access to the teacher’s manual and all solutions for the lesson. He usually only watches the lesson once or twice a week, 20160310_102819 (480x640)reads the teacher’s manual and completes all of the worksheets. We go over any problems he missed together using the manipulatives. By the end of the week he is ready for the exam.

Oldest really enjoys his math with Math-U-See and has decided to stick with them for the remainder of his home education years. I like the Digital Packs as well and plan to continue using them. During the time of this review my youngest was ready to begin his math education. He is having a blast with Primer!

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8 thoughts on “Review: Demme Learning’s Math-U-See

  1. I used to work with a homeschool program and many of our families were very happy with Math U See and swear by it! It was the best program we ever used and I wish had stuck with it.

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  2. With everything going on in our lives right now I’m super jealous when I read your posts and see your pictures about homeschool. I miss it, but it’s obviously taken a backseat. The Math-U-See would work so well with my oldest! How in heavens did you get to review it?! With me having to take that extended leave from work, I know we couldn’t fit it into our budget, but I could do a heck of a review! It would really be beneficial for Cam! Any ideas, dear?

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      1. Oh don’t worry! The TOS Review Crew usually accepts applications in October. If you wanted to be on the Crew the best way to prepare would be to make sure you have weekly posts and do a few reviews on your own this year so that you would have something to submit to them then.


  3. Home schooling creates such unique opportunities for children to learn. I really enjoy experiencing this vicariously through your blog site. Thank you for sharing your personal experiences.

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