Sunday Journal: Planning, Illness and more Traveling

Sparkles making cookies before her illness this week

Sparkles making cookies before her illness this week

Sparkles spent several days in bed last week with an illness. The boys worked on their individual subjects and Sparkles just slept the days away. Since we didn’t have group subjects to do most of the week I managed to get in some planning for our summer semester.

Oldest will be starting his last couple of books for our medieval history studies tomorrow. I’ll have a post up this week on our last five weeks of work and projects. Oldest didn’t get to many of his projects since he has been busy the past few weekends. Last weekend we were at the convention. The previous weekend we were in western Kentucky for piano recitals and he returned again

a box of curriculum just for Littlest

a box of curriculum just for Littlest

this past weekend with his father to work on our home that is on the market. They went in and painted and worked on the yard a bit. They arrived home only a few hours ago. It is gonna be a brutal work week for my husband…when did he get big enough to help at conventions and…painting? When? I remember when he couldn’t say “butterfly”…I just want to cry. He is my number one helper and I depend on him…maybe too much…

I hurt.

we love poetry tea time

we love poetry tea time

Most of the curriculum I ordered arrived this week. Littlest was super excited to receive his very own box from Logic of English. He has been begging me to teach him to read for several weeks now. Tomorrow we will get started together…my baby is all ready for school. He is super excited. I feel kinda sad. He’s my baby and I want him to just stay my baby…for just a little while longer. But he wants to grow up…

I love my life right now…I don’t want any changes…but every day the babies change and every day they grow…away. I just tucked the babies into bed…Oldest is taller than me…he wasn’t last weekend!!!!!

Middle Boy setting the table

Middle Boy setting the table

I just wanna cry…. and I cry…and cry.

How does twelve years go by in the blink of an eye? He is a little man now…I am crying…not sure why…sad and proud…tears, tears, tears…

It is April. This is the last month of our current school year. The next three months are our summer semester. The kiddos worked hard and despite our move they are not behind…they are ready to move on. Mom really isn’t ready…not emotionally…not even physically.

My babies grow…and I love to watch them mature…but it slays me too…



5 thoughts on “Sunday Journal: Planning, Illness and more Traveling

  1. Oh don’t I know that feeling you’re talking about! My eldest just turned 18 today, and my baby 11 last Thursday (I tried to post on that…and did for one hour until when I did an edit,poof, it all disappeared.) I was lamenting the very same things in that post that you are so we’re rather kindred spirits. And as a matter of fact, I was sitting there planning my next semester’s history for our twins just a few days ago. We’re obviously very much on the same wave length this week, aren’t we?!

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  2. Time seems to speed up as we get older, I think. I can relate to all of your bittersweet feelings. My baby is twelve this summer, my big girl sixteen. Would that I could make the moments last longer … I guess we just have to do our best to be in the moment and make them linger. (easier said than done!)
    Best of luck with your moving preperations!

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