Sunday Journal: Two Weeks


My husband snapped this pic of the Mystery Machine

My husband snapped this pic of the Mystery Machine

Last weekend my mother came in for a visit. My husband had the good sense to run off with a friend to Dallas for the Texas Frightmare Weekend. His travel buddy was none other than Rik of the Hail Ming Power Hour podcast. My fella knows some interesting people. I’m just glad he has someone to go to horror conventions with because there are way too many scary clowns hanging around those places for my peace of mind. However, I must confess, during the times I was alone with my mom the clowns didn’t seem so bad…maybe.

Mom and kids playing Apples to Apples

Mom and kids playing Apples to Apples

I think the kids had a pretty good visit with mom. They played games with her pretty much non-stop. I took several walks, read on the back porch, watch a ton of Star Trek Next Generation and cleaned a bathroom or two. Mostly, I stayed out-of-the-way. Usually, I try to make meals that she likes and such and these acts of goodwill on my part end up with a scolding. Then I get mad and feel…hurt, angry, rejected. So, why bother? I made myself scarce and encouraged the kids to play every game we owned with her.

reading outside waiting for a storm

reading outside waiting for a storm

The couple of times we were alone together were cold, silent and awkward. She passed on some unsolicited parenting and marital advice because I’m such a failure in those areas…

There are brief moments when psychotic clowns seem friendly.

The kids and I spent the past week learning to felt (for a review later this week). We learned to make felt sheets, sew felt, wet felting and needle felting. We had a lot of fun together and basically crammed six weeks worth of art curriculum into one



week. I liked the needle felting and even made a piggy from Angry Birds for Littlest. I would have enjoyed it more if the wool didn’t make me feel like ripping the skin of my palms. Oh so itchy!!! I did happen to snap a priceless picture of Oldest just as he stabbed himself with the needle pen! Sweet!

Our school lessons are beginning to wrap up. Oldest has a paper to write on Columbus and he will be finished with medieval history. This academic year is quickly wrapping up. We are already starting to work on our plans for our medieval feast. Our most exciting news is that we will also wrap

Oldest painting

Oldest painting

up our year with the local co-op this Wednesday. We’ve decided to never ever try to join a co-op in the future. We’ve tried a few times and it just hasn’t worked out for us. The kids want to celebrate the end of co-op this week…I’m still thinking about how to do so.

My husband and Oldest went to work on our old house over the weekend. They painted and fixed things up the best they could in a day for an open house this next weekend. Hopefully, the family God intends to live in that house will make it their home soon.



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6 thoughts on “Sunday Journal: Two Weeks

  1. Ok. You found a way to make it through the dreaded maternal visit. Does she know you have a blog where you write about this? I like your strategy of laying low since she doesn’t appreciate it when you try to cook for her anyway. Aren’t you glad your children won’t dread your coming? They will be you to come.

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  2. I have the same breakfast nook as you! I’m sorry your mom’s visit was a little stressful. I think sometimes we all feel that way about our moms, despite how much we love them.


  3. I’m glad your time with your mum wasn’t entirely horrendous, and pray that the time with her grandchildren will reap healthy relationships in the future. Happy mother’s day!

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