Sunday Journal: Curtains and Car Cruise-in

Oldest mowing

Oldest mowing

We’ve been looking forward to this week for a few months. Co-op ended. I think the middle two did enjoy co-op somewhat but not enough to feel sad at its ending. I will miss my friend who labored in the nursery with me but hopefully we will find some opportunities to meet up. She’s adorable. I took the kids out for milkshakes afterward and we discussed the term. We spent a bit of time exploring the pros and cons of group learning and if it was something we’d ever like to try again. For now, the answer is no.

learning to make spoon bread

learning to make spoon bread

Middle Boy spent the night at a friend’s house this weekend for his first sleepover. He had a blast playing Minecraft and celebrating his friend’s birthday. While he was partying the rest of us drove to a nearby town for a classic car cruise-in. This cruise-in was nice because many of the downtown shops remained open. I found a lovely cuff bracelet with “be brave” stamped across it. Since “brave” is my word focus for the year I was thrilled over my little treasure. The cars were nice too. I saw a truck that I loved but forgot to take a picture.

curtains and decorated mantel

curtains and decorated mantel

Speaking of “brave”. The Brave Writer retreat is coming up soon and I still haven’t started my art project for it yet. I am kinda struggling on what it means “to be good to me” and how to artistically express the meaning…if I ever figure out exactly what that means.

Sparkles got her new and very simple sewing machine in this week. Everyone made Robin Hood hats for our upcoming



Medieval celebration. Middle Boy even insisted that Poetry Bunny get his own hat. I also ordered a sewing project book for Sparkles to work through to learn sewing techniques. She is looking forward to all of the projects and I will be learning right beside her. I am hoping that after we spend a year or two using this simple machine and learning with a couple of books she will know enough to take off on her own.

20160510_130815 (480x640)I’ve also told the boys to think about projects they would like to work on this year. Oldest thinks he would like to spend time learning to make stop-motion movies. We already have the equipment so that was easy for me to give the thumbs up. Middle Boy just has no clue on the sort of projects that he would like to work on…I jokingly suggested knitting and he said, “that sounds fun!”

I have no idea how to knit.

Friends came to visit this weekend so we worked on the house a bit. We put up pictures, cleared some of the clutter and hung 20160511_104029 (480x640)curtains. This place is actually starting to look like a home. My husband and I joked with each other that we should have company more often just so we could get everything unpacked and in order!

Tomorrow I am taking a planning day to get the homeschool in order for the next nine weeks and work on the next review for Memoria Press. Oldest will be finishing up his paper for Medieval history and we have one final discussion over Machiavelli and some of his thoughts on evil and power. Hopefully I’ll get the final post up on our Medieval studies for Beautiful Feet Books too. We’ve enjoyed these books so much and the kids are already looking forward to our upcoming American history studies through BFB.

025 (640x480)We enjoyed a lovely week…even if it was a bit too rainy and cool. There is only one picture of poetry tea time this week. I was engaged in a web conference with the Homeschool Alliance (discussing punctuation!?!…of all things) and the kids grew tired of waiting for it to end. So they performed poetry tea time on their own. I consider that a success. They set the table, read poetry to each other, saved a treat for me and enjoyed each other’s company. Kinda beautiful ya’know.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Journal: Curtains and Car Cruise-in

  1. Adrian, I am so impressed by your homeschooling vision. The projects idea is so exciting as it brings fun to learning. My son was apprenticed to a coin dealer for several years and subsequently won scholarships to coin seminars. My youngest is writing a novel about Greece that I think could actually be published. Another daughter started directing plays at church at the age if 8. My other daughter is a makeup artist and is incredibly good. When we get our noses out of the texts for a while and let the kids lead their education, then they are hooked and are lifelong learners. You deserve a medal😀

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