Sunday Journal: What Happened to May?

at baseball game

at baseball game

I lost an entire week. Not only did I manage to misplace the time but didn’t even notice the discrepancy until Friday…thought Friday was Thursday too…

I think homeschooling has absconded with my mind. Or maybe the kids.

The weather was abysmal this week too. Cold and rain nearly everyday. The weather experts say the rain will continue this week too. At least the days are supposed to be warm.



Today was nice and dry so we drove up to Cincinnati to visit the zoo and lunch at our favorite nearby pizza spot. I like walking around the zoo and enjoy the people watching as much as the animal watching. Though, I must admit to feeling a bit sad for the animals sometimes.

Boots tried to join poetry tea time this week

Boots tried to join poetry tea time this week

Monday night my husband took the older three to a local baseball game. It was cold and drizzly but they had a good time. I took Littlest out for ice cream and then shoe shopping. Later in the week I took the others shoe shopping. Maybe their feet will not grow the rest of the year. I wish. Shopping for clothing and shoes is about as much fun as going to the dentist. I had to buy a dress for a wedding. The last dress I bought was about eleven years ago and was for a funeral. I tried on about a dozen dresses and modeled them for the kids. They helped me choose the dress and Oldest found a

shopping trip with Littlest

shopping trip with Littlest

sweater for me to wear with it. Sparkles had the grace to let me know why I should never (ever!) wear some of the outfits I tried on. Hopefully, I can get a decade’s use out of this dress too…

Oldest and I began reading Les Miserables (do not rely on my spelling for French words!). I’m not sure what to say about this book yet. If I was reading it for myself…honestly I would have given up by now. The descriptions are very long and the author takes pages and pages…chapters

composition class was outside

composition class was outside

and chapters even…to say that the Bishop is a good and holy man…the very soul of compassion and mercy. There will be a medal or something for finishing this book…right?!

I purchased all of the ingredients for our Medieval feast this week. We decided to keep our little feast simple and chose recipes for an Ember Day observation. We noticed the term in a couple of the books we read and got curious about the meaning. Ember days are set aside at the beginning of each season for fasting, half-abstinence, and prayer. I chose a few dishes from various times and regions. I’ll share all of the recipes in a post this week along with our final thoughts on the Medieval Study.

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