My Sleeping Beauty—Prayer Request

Sparkles in the emergency room

Sparkles in the emergency room

Last night was spent in the ER with our daughter.

Scary, scary words…

The doctor sent her home late last night with pain meds, antibiotics and an order for an immediate appointment with a physician so she can be referred to specialists. In other words, no clear diagnosis…maybe this is just an infection and she will be just fine or maybe…then scary words and frightening possibilities were spoken by the ER physician.

Now that she has been to the ER those same doctors that refused to see her until they had her immunization records in hand will see her today…

I am numb with anger.

If you are the sort that prays then please pray for our daughter and her doctors. I am not picky in your choice of Deity…

If you happen to find yourself in the Frankfort KY emergency room: then you should ask for the nursing care of Tim the former Marine…he is amazing with children.

18 thoughts on “My Sleeping Beauty—Prayer Request

  1. I am praying. These are scary words for me to hear as well as being worried about your little one as we don’t immunize.

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