Sparkles Update

Sparkles and Boots

Sparkles and Boots

Today we got the tough news that Sparkles’ last results came back abnormal. This means she will have to undergo an exploratory procedure requiring anesthesia for a diagnosis. This will happen in August.

We are heart broken over here.

Thank you so much for all of the prayers and love…from the depths of my heart thank you.


15 thoughts on “Sparkles Update

  1. Oh Audria and Sparkles, How frightening to hear this. Yes it is troubling but not devastating news for God holds you and all in His Hand. I pray He’ll use this to bring your family even closer to Him. Whatever happens He will use this for His Glory and I trust your faith will be strengthened through this tribulation. Many blessings back for your family,

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  2. I’m sorry Audria.
    God, I pray you will wrap your loving arms around Audria, and her daughter. Give them a peace which surpasses all understanding and strength to endure the further investigations. Amen

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