Journal: A Do-over Would Be Nice



There really isn’t much to say about this week…it could really do with a “do-over”. The hardest news was learning that our daughter would have to undergo a scope for a diagnosis. Unless her tests threw off some false positives she has some sort of inflammatory bowel disorder/disease.

We did get an offer on our house in western Kentucky. That is the good news. The crappy part is the relocation company doesn’t want to accept the offer. I thought the role of a relocation company was to be helpful during the

Monty the Mean

Monty the Mean

moving process. Sadly, this has not been our experience. I hope the offer goes through. As much as I love our former home, it would be nice to get it off our hands. We have a hard time taking care of it since it is so far away. We’ll feel like we have a bit of breathing room in our lives once it belongs to another family…one less thing to tie us down.

Our academic year ended on Thursday. No-one really noticed except for me. Usually we take pictures and go out for dinner or

Oldest in my glasses

Oldest in my glasses

something. This year the middle two spent the evening with friends at VBS. My husband and Oldest went to meet with the realtor and do some work at the old house. Littlest and I were left at home and feeling a bit abandoned by everyone.

Sunday was a good day. I spent the morning getting my hair done. The toner in my hair starts to fade after a few weeks and I just start to feel a bit drab. My hairdresser (magician!) gave me a bottle of special shampoo that is supposed to help with the fade out. Hopefully it works.



At home I baked a bunch of cookies for an Independence Day celebration at the home of one of my husband’s co-workers. They have some beautiful property and we enjoyed ourselves for the evening. Good food and good company. The kids roasted marshmallows and played with sparklers. We even watched a few fireworks before the rain set in.

The sky continues to rain…

yours truely

yours truly

My last review for the TOS Crew is this week. I’ve opted to drop off the team because of Sparkles illness. Having one less obligation to worry over is freeing…not to mention time-saving.

The whole week was not as depressing as I’ve described. Our morning routine ran fairly smoothly. We are all glad to get back to read aloud time, habit training and poetry memorization. Right

Littlest and my husband

Littlest and my husband

now we are just loving The Phantom Tollbooth…such a crazy wacky book and so fun to read. Oldest and I conquered a chunk of Les Miserables (I misspell it every single time!!!). Right now we are in a serious debate on which movie version to watch. I want to see the Hugh Jackman musical (Wolverine and he is singing!!!) and Oldest wants to see the Liam Neeson version.  Since I do not want to buy the movie I guess we will end up watching whichever version the library owns.

Middle Boy

Middle Boy

We are going to learn how to knit for our handicraft this year. The kids and I went to the hobby shop to purchase needles and yarns for our various projects. Middle Boy also found a book of Minecraft projects that he really wanted. He had not discovered what he wanted to do for his project weeks during the school year and this book just hit his happy spot. It is full or art  and STEM projects so we are both happy. I’ll have more about our upcoming school year soon, our curriculum choices and projects. I’ll also write-up my final thoughts (more like a memorial) on our past academic year.


7 thoughts on “Journal: A Do-over Would Be Nice

  1. I’m enjoying you blog! As I said earlier I resonate with so much of what you post from illness stripping joy from the family to feeling like you don’t fit the mold with homeschoolers. And then, I get to this post and my jaw literally drops because I too escaped Western Kentucky–moving there with my husband’s job were the most crippling years of my life. As a young mother I went to a local homeschool meeting and was the only woman wearing pants. I got ostracized from the “crunchy mom” group I created because I called some posters out on advocating slapping a child across the face, and the lone friend I started to grow close with admitted she had a crush on me !!! oy. ((western kentucky)). And after visiting every. single. church. in the area I finally gave up. The whole modern day culture is damned to hell because we’ve invited musical instruments into the church *shout out to those western kentucky church of christers*.

    On a positive note, I hope you were able to get answers with your daughter and are enjoying your new city.

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    1. Dealing with post partum depression and out of my element made for a “hazy” experience. I think had I been in a healthier place I could have grown to love it as well. I sure do miss the beautiful Spring and dogwoods (we were in Paducah).

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  2. It sounds like you need a break, Audria, and I do hope you can get one. The pictures of the get- together look like everyone enjoyed themselves. I absolutely LOVE the Phantom Tollbooth. Have you ever read “The Knights’ Castle”? It’s for the same age range and is about a boy who has an old knight toy that comes to life. I am still praying for Sparkles. I do hope this week goes better for you.

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  3. Is Sparkles having an endoscopy? I don’t want to be nosy. It’s just that if she is, one of my sons had one when he was two, and it wasn’t a bad experience. Of course I was nervous about having my little one under anesthesia, but the procedure itself was very uneventful. I’m still praying!

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