Sunday Journal: The Rest of July

I love this picture of Littlest and Middle Boy!

I love this picture of Littlest and Middle Boy!

I have not been in the mood to write the past few weeks. On here anyway. The writing process happens in my head all the time. Sometimes I edit my own thoughts in order to articulate properly to myself…maybe you didn’t need to know that.

Nothing happened this month. So many changes happened this month. I’ve spent a fair amount of time observing my kids. Sometimes I stand at my daughter’s bedroom door and listen to her cry. And I die every time. I want to rush in and hold her and cry with her but she would come to me if

Sparkles out with Daddy

Sparkles out with Daddy

she wanted that sort of comfort. I try to let her know in little ways that I know. We checked out books at the library about IBS/IBD and are reading them together. We explore new-to-us and less harmful foods together. Together we’ve mourned the loss of strawberries, grapes and salsa from her diet. These little things are a big deal if you are only ten.

I am so very grateful that we chose to homeschool. I cannot imagine how difficult managing a chronic illness would be in the public school system.



The boys are getting bigger and they are very understanding toward their sister’s moods. We did start back to school this past week. Not all subjects are in full swing yet but I decided to wait until after Sparkle’s surgery to go full-time. I did drop a few subjects for our first couple of terms this year until things are more settled or until we have adjusted to the new normal. I’ll have a post about our courses for the year in a few weeks. My husband started building shelves in the school room and everything is just a little scattered…

The school room is almost complete and I could not be more excited!

20160718_191030 (640x480) (480x640)We have enjoyed a few trips to Lexington to watch the local baseball team. Most of the time Sparkles has felt well enough to go but on occasion I stay home with her and the boys enjoy an evening out. I do not know much about baseball but it is fun to go to the games and people watch. I like to watch the boys in their uniforms too. My favorite player is Amalani Fukofuka simply because of the way his name sounds. His name is fun to say. Seriously, how many of us have such a delicious mouthful of syllables as a name?!

IMG_1270 (480x640)My husband took the boys to get a haircut a week or so ago. We never know what Littlest will say to other people. Sometimes he is sweet and charming and other times…not so much. The barber shop is across from the old state capitol. It is a real old fashioned, full of history sort of place. Oldest insists this is the only place to get a decent haircut. He is “all of twelve” and how he knows the “holy truths” I haven’t a clue.

IMG_1268 (480x640)Littlest wasn’t exactly excited to get a hair cut. He gets up in the chair when it is his turn and tells the barber his name when prompted. For whatever reason she did not hear him and asked him to repeat it. He tells her she should have listened the first time. She scolds him and tells him that people will not like him very much if he talks like that. He tells her that he doesn’t care what people think. My husband says something about his mouthiness (yes, WordPress that is a word!) and the barber comments, “No, he’s just really smart.” Littlest demands to be treated as a complete

Boots says "hello!"

Boots says “hello!”

person not as a person-in-training. Lots of people talk down to children. I’ve never done that with my kids. I like to meet them as the people they are and treat them with dignity. I hated being spoken down to as a kid either because of my age or in later years my gender. Littlest is a bit like me in that regard except I kept my hurt feelings to myself and he isn’t afraid to stand up for himself. As someone well acquainted with fear I completely admire that trait in him.

There you have it…so much for July.



5 thoughts on “Sunday Journal: The Rest of July

  1. I’m jealous over those bookshelves your hubby is making! They look amazing! You’ll sure enjoy that new school room. I look forward to seeing a post on that. Hugs to Sparkles. We are praying.
    (ps. hey, I recognize that Muskoka coffee)

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  2. Sounds like a typical month for the Story family. Much love to you guys. Looks like the bookshelf project is going well. I hope Sparkles feels better as time goes on, I believe she will. I enjoy your blog, you have some great insights…..

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